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Humor – a lifegiving tool

Humor is sought after attribute. We wish for our employees, our colleagues, our lovers to have a sense of humor. And we also like the guy behind the counter at the local store to have a humorous approach to his customers. But it’s not enough to wish for others to make us laugh. As you probably already know, we cannot change the behavior of others - only our own.

The road to humorous surplus starts with ourselves. In this talk, Karen-Marie Lillelund approaches the many different ways to live a life with more laughs, and a humorous approach to work, relationships and in relation to ourselves.

It’s a common misconception that some people simply lack a sense of humor. They have it! They just never trained it. Others have had humor in their lives since childhood and of course, they have an advantage. Just as people who have established good exercise habits at an early age have an easier time maintaining a healthy level of activity.

But it's never too late to get started, even when it comes to humor. In this talk, Karen-Marie Lillelund will show you the different paths to more cheerfulness in everyday life. Depending on your personality, some paths will seem easier than others. But one thing is certain: There is a humorous path for us all. The task is just to find it.

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